New Dance for Parkinson’s research study in Brisbane-Participation Opportunity

Research on -Effects of Dance for Parkinson’s on gait and cognitive skills in Parkinson’s disease If you would like  more information or to participate please contact:  Ms Nadeesha Kalyani 07 3138 6426 Would you like to take part in a study to measure the impact of dance on people with Parkinson’s disease? We are looking for: Independently living, ambulatory men or women who are diagnosed as having idiopathic Parkinson’s disease; aged between 30 to 85 years; and who have not participated in a dance programme in the past six months. Your participation would include: Being allocated randomly to a dance group or a control group. Please note that depending on your allocation you may be in the Dance for Parkinson’s (DfP) group or the control group. However, the results of the study will be shared with you after completion […]